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7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting A Nose Job

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting A Nose Job

The Big Reveal Is Extremely Disappointing

The amount of time the change is evident varies from patient to patient. This is a mixed blessing for it is at this point in time when the excitement of seeing the new nose is in full bloom that disappointment can occur. A variety of factors can contribute to a less than perfect result. From speaking with some disappointed patients it is clear that a major contributing factor is the lack of communication between patient and surgeon prior to surgery. Many patients have an unrealistic expectation of the surgery, desiring improvement to their nose, but without understanding its limitation. It is important for the patient to be very specific at this point in time with the surgeon as to what can and cannot be accomplished. A thorough understanding of your nasal anatomy and the changes that can be made to it is essential in reaching a common understanding regarding what is possible with surgery. Gather as much information as you can from the surgeon and if necessary bring in pictures. If a certain postoperative look is desired, and then it is important to relay that to the surgeon as well. The final result of surgery is a combination of what the surgeon can accomplish and what the patient is expecting. If these two points overlap as much as possible, then the chance of disappointment is minimized. Truth be told, it is very difficult for some patients to extract a mental image of their surgeon’s words and relay it to the reality of what their nose will look like after surgery. This is where pictures of the proposed changes can be quite useful. If your surgeon is capable and the changes are within realistic expectation then the chance of said changes becoming a reality is quite high. High enough in fact that it has caused grief for certain patients who have been disappointed by the fact that their nose did not turn out the way they had envisioned.

It Takes Time To Adjust To The New Face Staring Back At You

Whilst patients who undergo rhinoplasty have varying degrees of bruising and swelling, it can take from 6 months to a year before the nose fully refines and the swelling subsides. The final results of rhinoplasty may not be apparent for a full year post-surgery. Patients are aware that the changes to their nose will be gradual and subtle, with continued improvements throughout the first year. The more complicated the surgery, the more complex the healing process. This is something to bear in mind, especially if there is a second surgery in an attempt to refine the nose even further. It is also important to note that the outcome of the surgery may vary between two patients.Adjusting to a different appearance adds another dimension to the process of healing after rhinoplasty. The patient may feel self-conscious about their new look and how others react to them. This phase is often temporary, and gradually, the patient will begin to feel less self-conscious. Ultimately, the patient’s goal is to achieve a look which reflects who they really are. This can take time, and with a little patience, it can be achieved sooner than later. It is not uncommon for a person who has undergone rhinoplasty to feel a bit blue. This is quite normal and can be attributed to the brief duration of swelling and bruising in reaction to seeing oneself in a lesser state than before the surgery. Information/reminder of what to expect post-surgery and the fact that this is only temporary can help dispel feelings of depression.

It Looks Worse Than It Feels, So Don’t Let People Work You Up Into A Panic Beforehand

When you have a nose job, you will have two black eyes and the swelling will go down to your cheeks. It certainly looks bad, true. However, it’s usually not painful at all. People who have actually had a rhinoplasty usually feel compelled to tell you this, which can cause a great deal of anxiety if you’ve already read about it looking terrible. They’re trying to tell you not to worry too much, but what’s the natural conclusion when someone says « it’s not as bad as it looks »? You’re still thinking that it’s going to be pretty bad, regardless of what they say.What you need to do is psych yourself up before the surgery. It’s not going to hurt much at all, and the recovery actually isn’t as bad as it looks. Go in with the mindset that you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and relatively painless it is, and this will likely hold true. If you go into surgery thinking it’s going to be terrible, it probably will be terrible. People who have a low threshold for pain or who get very antsy about medical procedures may find it helpful to request a mild sedative (such as Valium) before the surgery. This can help you relax and rest more comfortably during the first few days of recovery.

Other People’s Perceptions Of Your Appearance Are Totally Different From Your Own

Often times a patient undergoes cosmetic surgery because he/she is trying to relieve tension from a comment made years ago. Family and friends can play a large role in influencing someone to change their appearance. If those close to you have been consistently negative or have made one very hurtful remark, you are likely to be sensitive about your nose. People notice things in their reflection that don’t necessarily warrant a reaction from an outsider. A blemish or imperfection that seems huge to you may go entirely unnoticed by someone else. And if it is truly bothering you, the reaction of others will cause you to further fixate on your nose. Many people seek out plastic surgery because they think that one specific feature is so unsightly, it makes them cringe every time they look in the mirror. The largest complaint people have about their appearance concerns their nose. It is a central feature on the face, and if you are unhappy with it, you feel like you can never get away from it. It is constantly in your field of vision and on the minds of those who are regularly exposed to looking at you. The decision to undergo a nose job can be one made after years of contemplation. In fact, many patients say that they have thought about changing their nose since they were teenagers. But one thing that is very important to realize is that your view of what constitutes your nose may be very different from what other people are seeing.

a nose job

Changing Your Appearance Won’t Change The Way People Treat You

Physical features, including beauty, have always played a dominant role in American society in assuming a person’s success. From getting the job you desire and earning more promotions, to having the power to command more respect and have greater overall confidence. The study conducted in 1995 produced unsurprising results. The study concluded that: « Many people believe that the best way to secure happiness and success is to improve their physical appearance. An improved appearance enhances self-esteem, and a high self-esteem increases the chances of success in romantic pursuits .  It can be related to various stages in a person’s life: In our teenage years, both male and female, we found for some magical solution to rid our ever so heinous acne-filled faces, to become the opposite sex’s eye more noticeable, and to reel in potential dating partners. In the adult and elder stages of life, continued efforts were made to maintain youthful appearance and the desire to attract similar romantic interests were present, but more importantly, job security and financial needs were and still are a heavy influence.

It’ll Never Be Completely Perfect

Nasal surgery is designed to enhance appearance or improve breath, and it sometimes achieves both. Once in a while, however, there may be a slight worsening of the air stream. This occurs when too much has been taken off the inside of the nose, usually from the septum. Any other changes that have negative results can usually be fixed with later minor surgery. Changes that are made to the nose are able to be reversed; many people do not know this and it adds to the less stress concerning the changes made. Note that revision surgery is often more difficult than the original surgery due to the altered nasal anatomy.Everything You Need to Know starts off with a forward discussing how perfecting the appearance of your nose will never be achieved, not by any means to be negative toward rhinoplasty but rather to set realistic goals. It is suggested that one should want to simply improve appearance or make needed changes, not perfection. Accept that the imperfect result you may get from rhinoplasty is worth the benefits of the changes made, and eventual « close enough » results. The way post-surgery appearances are judged are typically much harsher than it actually is. Due to the patient’s knowledge of the previous form of their nose, they see the changes as less effective than if it were someone that had never seen the previous form.

People Might Make You Feel Silly For Having It Done – Don’t Listen To Them

Your decision for a nose job should not be a whimsical one, saying « ah I’ll give it a go » then rushing into it without thinking of the consequences. Due to the permanent change in your appearance, your decision to have a nose job should be a well-thought-out informed choice. Remember, some people will actually have a nose job to change a perceived racial aspect of their nose, in the view that they are needed to fit in with society. These people would feel that it is silly not to have it done. A common theme amongst people who have had a nose job is the feeling of guilt after spending a large amount of money on themselves. This is pretty hardwired in the human psyche. We are naturally selfless beings and have been brought up to think of others and put their needs before our own. Therefore, spending a large amount of money on ourselves seems indulgent and wrong. A nose job is an investment for your future well-being, and will act to increase your self-confidence with long-lasting psychological effects. Those who have breathing difficulties will also see this as an investment in their general health. People might be quite bold and confrontational about it, saying things like « You’re so vain » or « that’s so fake ». Always keep in mind that the people saying this probably spend a lot of time trying to change their appearance with things such as weight loss and hair products, and would feel insecure if someone told them that their efforts were vain and fake. You should never feel silly for having a nose job. Often people will judge you for having a nose job. These people may have known you for years and before they were used to your appearance, and may feel aggrieved that you have changed this in a way that is offensive to them. This is normally not a conscious decision to intentionally hurt you, it’s just a natural reaction that when something changes, especially something visible, that people feel uncomfortable and it takes time for them to readjust. This reaction is just a by-product of their discomfort.

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