Breast surgery

Breast augmentation surgery

 Breast augmentation surgery, why women think about undergoing it?

Not having breasts in adequacy with their morphology leads many women to resort to breast surgery.

Breast augmentation with implants (breast implant surgery) or breast augmentation surgery may be desired by a patient for purely aesthetic reasons (to acquire one or two extra cups) or following breast hypoplasia which may result from insufficient development of the mammary gland or following childbirth, weight loss or involution of the mammary gland due to aging or breast reconstruction surgery or breast reconstructive surgery after mastectomy.

Breast hypoplasia is often experienced by the patient as an attack on her femininity involving a lack of self-confidence and a feeling of unease that can even lead to a real complex.

Breast augmentation surgery aim

Breast augmentation surgery aims to make the patient feel more feminine and confident, in harmony with her body.

Result of The aesthetic

The aesthetic result observed is immediate. However, the breasts will become more supple and natural looking between 6 and 12 months after the operation.

Life of Prostheses

Prostheses have a limited life span (on average 10 to 15 years) and may therefore need to be replaced.

What is The purpose of this sheet?

The purpose of this sheet is to clarify the information that has been given by the doctor and to answer the various questions relating to this surgical procedure.

breast surgery

Breast lift surgery

What are The reasons of a breast sagging?

With time, pregnancies, but also weight variations, the breasts end up sagging. Ptosed breasts are victims of a fall of the mammary gland towards the lower part of the breasts. The submammary fold is then hidden. This phenomenon can occur at any age and in women with full or small breasts.

Solution for a sagging breasts

For women whose sagging breasts are a source of psychological discomfort, there is a solution: a breast lift surgery. The aim of the breast lift surgery is to restore the shape of the breasts and to lift the chest. The operation also allows the removal of excess skin and the re-draping of the breasts.

When the result of a breast lift visible?

The result of a breast lift is immediately visible after your operation. The chest is rounder, the breasts are firmer and positioned higher in a symmetrical way.

When can appreciate the final result?

You will have to wait about six months to appreciate the final result of your breast lift, while the swelling and bruising subside.

When the lift is truly definitive?

The lift is truly definitive after one year, the scars have gradually faded to become fine white lines that are almost undetectable. It is nevertheless advisable to pay attention to your breasts, as they remain sensitive to hormonal variations and excessive weight gain.

Breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that allows the reduction of overly large breasts by removing both skin and mammary gland.

This procedure is covered by social security when the plastic surgeon removes more than 300 grams per operated breast.

The operation reduces the volume of the breast, and corrects breast sagging and any pre-existing breast asymmetry.

The position of the areola and the nipple of the breast is raised by the breast reduction operation or breast reduction surgery.

Number of scars

The number of scars on the breasts varies according to the degree of breast reduction. The scar can have 3 parts :

  • a circular scar around the areola (round block), constant
  • a vertical scar located between the lower pole of the areola and the submammary fold, almost constant
  • a horizontal scar in the submammary fold (inverted T scar). This horizontal scar can often be reduced or even avoided if the morphology of the breast and the elasticity of the skin allow it.

The scars After a breast reduction surgery

When the breast reduction surgery healed over?

After a breast reduction surgery, the scars appear red and visible during the first months. healed breast reduction surgery over the months until they become completely white.

When Their final appearance is judged?

Their final appearance is judged after one year. They must be protected from the sun for 1 year.

What the operation can do?

The operation reduces the volume of the breasts, corrects breast ptosis by lifting the breasts and corrects any pre-existing asymmetry. The position of the areola and the nipple is raised by the operation.

Breast surgery cost

The cost of breast surgery must be evaluated according to the case and the type of operation the patient is considering. You can click on the button below and you will be contacted immediately to have all the information on the surgery costs  as well as to have a personalized and free quote.
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Need breast surgery?

Breast surgery before pregnancy

Today, breast surgery is no longer a taboo. Many women want to find a more shapely, firmer, less sagging or conversely smaller breasts.
Despite popular belief, this surgery is not necessarily contraindicated before pregnancy. In fact, if the surgery concerns breast augmentation by prosthesis, pregnancy is physiologically possible even after the operation. As the prosthesis is placed behind the mammary gland or, sometimes, behind the muscle in the breast area, pregnancy and breastfeeding are perfectly possible.

Breast surgery possible under conditions

It is recommended to postpone breast reduction or ptosis correction procedures until after pregnancy. If you plan to breastfeed your child, please keep in mind that there are certain conditions that must be met for it to be possible:

If the milk ducts have not been cut off, thus preventing the flow of milk, especially when the areola is repositioned during a breast reduction or ptosis correction.

During a breast reduction, the surgeon has to remove part of the mammary gland. Thus, when the remaining mammary gland is insufficient, breastfeeding cannot be ensured.

Changes during pregnancy

In any case, the various changes that occur during pregnancy can affect the results of the operation. The breasts may become too large again, sag or become empty after breastfeeding.

How long after the breast surgery to planning a pregnancy?

If you’re considering breast surgery, it’s recommended that you wait at least a year before becoming pregnant in order to give your body enough time to properly recuperate. And if a pregnancy is in your plans, it’s important to inform your surgeon beforehand.

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