Tunisia Medical Travel is specialized in the organization of medical stays in Tunisia. We accompany our foreign patients before, during and after their medical stay and direct them to the best specific structures according to their pathologies.

Doctor and family in tunisia

Tunisia Medical Travel  is specialized in organizing medical stays in Tunisia. Having partnerships with clinics and health professionals in Tunisia, we offer a complete and personalized service for patients wishing to benefit from medical or surgical care in Tunisia. To this end, we accompany our foreign patients before, during and after their medical stay by directing them to the best health establishments in Tunisia and to competent doctors whose recognized expertise is adapted to their pathologies and needs. All medical and surgical specialties are offered in our care.

In order to ensure a medical service adapted to its patients, Tunisia Medical Travel has scrupulously chosen quality partners, whether they are health professionals with excellent professional skills or medical establishments with state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Accueil clinique

Our partner clinics

Private clinics offering quality, safety and comfort. To ensure a flawless service, we work exclusively with establishments that meet strict quality requirements. Our partners are equipped with the latest technology and comply with international standards.


A highly qualified medical and paramedical staff

Qualified medical and paramedical staff trained in best practices.  In order to ensure the best personalized service, we collaborate with doctors who are reputed to be the elite in their field of specialization. Registered with the Tunisian Medical Association, our partner doctors and surgeons have received excellent training in the best medical schools in Tunisia and France. As a guarantee of trust, they also benefit from considerable experience, due to their daily practice of various medical and surgical interventions. In order to ensure a flawless service, selects exclusively its doctors with regard to their sense of ethics and their deontology.

consultation radio min

State-of-the-art imaging and exploration centers

Radiology, medical imaging and exploration centers with the latest generation of equipment. Our partner radiology and medical imaging centers are equipped with the latest technology. In addition, our partner radiologists have excellent training and extensive professional experience.

laboratoire analyses

Testing laboratories that meet international standards

Medical analysis laboratories that are secure and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and comply with international standards. Our medical analysis laboratories are open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

About us

Tunisia Medical Travel TMT specializes in arranging medical value trips to Tunisia. We provide comprehensive support to our international patients throughout their entire journey, guiding them to the most suitable specialists and facilities based on their specific medical conditions.

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Residence Yasmine du Lac,  Tunis, Tunisia

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