Beauty and well-being

Several medical disciplines that affect a person’s appearance are done as a preventive measure but also as a restorative measure. These disciplines, although medical, are sometimes assimilated to beauty and well-being procedures such as cosmetic surgery, dental care, hair transplants, health check-ups and bariatric surgery. It is important to note that these disciplines treat patients who suffer from a pathology or a discomfort. All related procedures have been grouped under Beauty and Well-being.

Beauty and well-being

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedure has become much more accessible in the last 10 years. Previously, it was only available to a few wealthy Western women who went to Switzerland, Paris or Los Angeles to undergo procedures performed by the best plastic surgeons.

Today, the prices of cosmetic surgery procedures have become affordable to the middle class European citizen. In Asia, cosmetic surgery is becoming all the rage, especially among young people. The most popular procedures are breast augmentation, liposuction and, in recent years, buttocks augmentation by fat injection to follow the model of Kim Kardashian’s shapely buttocks.

Tunisia Medical Travel helps you before, during and after your cosmetic surgery procedure. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Beauty and well-being
Beauty and well-being

Dental Care

Many patients choose to go abroad for dental care that is prohibitively expensive in their home country. Usually medical insurance covers a very small amount of dental care treatment if not none. The price difference in some countries compare to Tunisia is quite bug. Beware; Tunisian dentists only use European and American brands in their work, especially for dental implants. Because of the cost of care, many European citizens do not regularly treat their teeth due to expensive costs.

Beauty and well-being

FUE Hair Transplant

In this past decade, hair transplants have become very popular among men and women. In addition to replacing hair loss with implants, men also do beard transplants to make it denser or to reshape its contour. Women are also doing more and more FUE transplants to lower the front hairline and to densify their hair in given areas. Finally, the eyebrow transplant is the new trend and is being performed mainly for women.

Beauty and well-being

Bariatric procedure

The World Health Organization states that over 25% of individuals in developed nations are obese. Can you think of anyone who is overweight and has never attempted a diet?

Probably nobody. Today, in addition to the problems and pathologies that could result from obesity, overweight people find themselves helpless and completely discouraged despite the multitude of diets and sports activities undergone. Some people manage to overpass this by changing their lifestyle, i.e. balanced diet, by doing regular physical activity and by avoiding excess of alcohol and sugar. Others have recourse to bariatric surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric balloon or gastric banding. All these procedures are provided by Tunisia Medical Travel and give exceptional results after a only few months.

Beauty and well-being

Health check-up

It is recommended from a certain age to have a health check-up each year or every 2 years. This can only reassure us about our health with all the stress we undergo in our society but it also allows us to detect diseases early enough to be able to cure them such as infections, heart diseases etc.

Tunisia Medical Team offers several health checkups adapted to your age and gender.

Beauty and well-being

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