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Pediatric meaning

Pediatrics or child surgery, aims to treat the various pathologies that affect children and teenagers. The physicians of this discipline, the pediatric surgeons, are in charge of diagnosing, operating and accompanying any patient under 18 years old. Discover the most common surgical procedures performed by our pediatric surgeons .


Our pediatric procedures

Our team of pediatric surgeons in Tunisia have many years of experience in pediatric procedures. The child is diagnosed and operated in ultra modern medical facilities. Hospitalization takes place in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Our team of experts from various fields come together to provide comprehensive care for our young patients and prioritize their well-being above all else. Our skilled surgeons regularly perform these common pediatric procedures.

Pediatric surgery: Inguinal and umbilical hernia

A hernia of the abdominal wall is a very common phenomenon in adults, but also in young children. In concrete terms, a hernia occurs when an organ emerges from its cavity through a natural opening.

Umbilical hernia

In the case of umbilical hernia, it is about the exit of a part of the abdomen through the umbilicus, the orifice through which food is transported by the umbilical cord.

Inguinal hernia

An inguinal hernia is a condition where abdominal organs protrude through the inguinal canal.

When it comes to hernias involving the intestine, both patients face the potential for serious complications and substantial pain. To address this issue, surgery is the necessary course of action. This pediatric procedure can be done through laparotomy or laparoscopy, with the goal of returning the herniated components to their proper place within the abdominal cavity.

Pediatric procedure: Undescended testicles

Undescended testicles define a situation where a testicle, instead of being naturally in the bursa, is located in another part outside. In this case, it is necessary to perform a surgical procedure to replace the testicle inside the bursa. This situation can occur in a small percentage of children born. It is estimated that 1 in 5 prematurely born children may have undescended testicles. This pediatric procedure is commonly performed by our pediatric surgeons.

Pediatric procedure: Spermatocele

Spermatocele is a phenomenon that occurs when a cyst forms in the spermatic cord. This cord serves to connect the testicle to the abdomen. The cause of the cyst is the accumulation of fluid in the affected area. Thanks to a simple and quick surgical procedure, it is possible to treat this problem for children. This pediatric procedure requires a few days stay .

Other pediatric procedures

Children can be affected by many pathologies so our specialized team is always ready to suggest the most appropriate solutions depending on the pathology. Hereafter is a non-exhaustive list of other pediatric surgical procedures: Hirschsprung’s disease, abdominal tumors, nephroblastoma, neuroblastoma, teratoma, vesicular lithiasis, renal lithiasis…

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Pediatric surgery is sensitive procedure

Pediatric surgery is often a sensitive procedure for the child, that’s why parents must be informed and especially, must be aware enough to make the right diagnosis before traveling abroad.

Surgery procedure with Tunisia Medical Travel

To organize a pediatric surgery procedure with Tunisia Medical Travel, nothing could be easier. All you have to do is contact us by phone or by filling out the contact form that we put at your disposal on our website. If you have any questions about the procedures, the stay and the constitution of your child’s medical file, we will always be happy to answer you and to assist you fully. Trust the professionals at Tunisia Medical Travel for your procedure . By accompanying your child, you can, as well, take advantage of your stay to undergo a health check-up.

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