Breast lift

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift purpose : How to lift sagging breast?

Breast lift surgery purpose is to reshape and lift a sagging and hollow breast. It is performed when the breast tissue is sagging. While performing a breast lift, it is necessary to remove excess skin and reshape the mammary gland. The objective is to lift the breast structure and increase its tone and firmness.Breast lift  surgery purpose  is to reshape and lift a sagging and hollow breast. It is performed when the breast tissue is sagging. While performing a breast lift, it is necessary to remove excess skin and reshape the mammary gland. The objective is to lift the breast structure and increase its tone and firmness.

Where the surgery is performed?

Breast lift surgery is performed on the perimeter of the areola to raise the nipple with respect to the submammary sulcus and possibly correct the size and shape of irregular areolas. Surgery is also performed on the lower margin of the areola and the submammary groove.

Breast lift other purposes

Breast lift also known as mastopexy, it may also be reductive or additive. If a breast lift is performed not only to firm the breast, but also to reduce the volume of a large breast, part of the excess adipose and glandular breast tissue is also removed at this stage. In the case of a small and sagging breast, the plastic surgeon might perform a breast lift with implants, or without implants, which includes a lipofilling to increase the breast volume.

Breast lift

How much does breast lift surgery cost?

Questions patients ask

One of the questions patients ask most often concerns the breast lift surgery price: ‘How much does a breast lift cost? What are the prices for breast lift surgery? How much is a breast lift ? »

How define the breast lift cost?

The cost of breast lift surgery can vary significantly based on several key factors. Firstly, the type of breast lift procedure chosen plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost. The complexity of different techniques such as breast reduction combined with a lift versus a straightforward breast lift can significantly impact the final price.Another influential factor is the potential use of breast implants during the mastopexy procedure. The inclusion of implants in a breast lift surgery often referred to as « breast lift and implants » can also influence the overall cost of the operation. In summary, the cost of a breast lift surgery is not a fixed amount but rather depends on various variables, including the chosen surgical technique and whether breast implants are part of the procedure. Patients considering breast lift surgery should consult with their healthcare provider to determine the specific cost associated with their unique needs and goals.

What are the pros and cons of mammaplasty?

The procedure allows the gland and areola to be lifted and repositioned in the correct position, reshaping the gland and removing excess gland and areola, resulting in a naturally shaped breast, not too overfilled, in the upper quadrants, without increasing the volume, with an overall change in shape. It is important to remember that if the volume is deficient, mastopexy alone should be avoided. Another important consideration: the repositioning of the areolae and the removal of excess skin necessarily implies the presence of scars of varying extent depending on the case; the quality of the scars depends on many factors and only partly on the surgeon.The surgeon’s experience determines the right balance between scar size and quality: it is much better to have scars that are slightly larger but of good quality than scars that are smaller but more prominent. The surgeon’s task is, therefore, not only to analyze the specific case, but also to highlight these different points to the woman.

What information or details do you need or preparations prior to a breast lift?

Talk about important aspects and factors

Before proceeding with a breast lift procedure, it is crucial to engage in a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon regarding several vital factors. These encompass a range of considerations, including your specific objectives for the breast lift surgeryyour comprehensive medical history which should encompass any existing health conditions, allergies, prior surgeries, and mammogram results. It is also essential to disclose any family history of breast cancer problems. Additionally, providing your surgeon with a comprehensive list of medications you are currently taking encompassing blood thinners, vitamins, and over-the-counter drugs is imperative for safety and effectiveness. Finally, open and honest communication should extend to your lifestyle choices, such as the use of alcohol, tobacco, or recreational drugs, as these can impact the surgical process and outcomes. By addressing these crucial factors, you can ensure a well-informed and personalized approach to your breast lift surgery, ultimately leading to the best possible results and ensuring your safety throughout the process.

Tips and tests before the operation

Before the procedure, your plastic surgeon may ask you to undergo several preparatory steps. These may include having a blood test and a mammogram to assess your overall health and identify any potential issues. Additionally, you may be advised to cease smoking and tobacco use, as these can have adverse effects on the surgical process and your recovery. Furthermore, you might need to discontinue the use of specific medications as directed by your surgeon to minimize potential complications during and after the procedure. These preliminary measures are essential to ensure your safety and optimize the outcome of your surgery.

Sign a consent form

If you have everything in place for the breast lift, your surgeon’s team will ask you to sign a consent form. Remember that by signing it, you give your surgeon permission to perform the procedure and you also agree that you understand the risks of the procedure and have realistic expectations.

Plastic surgeon prepares the breast and the patient for the operation

Following this analysis, the surgeon will examine and measure your breasts. He will draw on the area with a marker or pen and then take photos, reviewing your options for breast lift. He will then talk to you about anesthesia methods to control pain, and you will discuss the possible risks of surgery together.

Breast lift techniques: How to use breast lift?

Breast lift is a surgical procedure that offers various techniques tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Among these methods, two key approaches will be discussed here. One technique is known as the « Round Block » or « Periareolar » scar method. This approach involves making an incision around the contour of the breast areola, resulting in a nearly invisible scar. However, it’s worth noting that this technique may not be suitable for all patients. Alternatively, for individuals with significant breast ptosis, a breast lift with a vertical scar is recommended. In this procedure, a vertical scar of approximately 5 cm is added to the « periareolar » scar, extending downward from the nipple towards the sub-breast furrow. This combination of scars allows for effective breast lifting and reshaping, even in cases of severe ptosis. In the most extreme cases, such as in those breasts where the nipple is considerably lower than the submammary sulcus, it will be necessary to combine the vertical scar with a horizontal incision (« inverted T » incision). This scar is dropped into the submammary sulcus.

What to expect after a breast lift?

Following a breast lift procedure, it’s common to experience some temporary discomfort, along with mild swelling and bruising in the treated area. Additionally, you may notice that your skin feels tighter as it adjusts to the new contours of your breasts. These post-operative effects are typically manageable and tend to subside over time, revealing firmer and rejuvenated breasts with improved shape and positioning. It’s essential to follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery process.

What are the results of breast lift?

Stability of results

The stability of the results achieved through breast lift surgery is generally quite reliable, with a notable assurance that the upper pole of the breasts will maintain a balanced and proportionate appearance. This holds particularly true for individuals with small to medium-sized breasts. Following the procedure, the breasts tend to maintain a harmonious contour, neither excessively convex nor concave in the upper region. This enduring stability in the outcome provides patients with long-term satisfaction, ensuring that the improved breast shape and position achieved through the surgery remain aesthetically pleasing and well-proportioned over time.

Reasons for different results

There are various factors that can contribute to divergent outcomes. These distinctions may be influenced by a multitude of variables, including the unique circumstances of subsequent pregnancies, the impact of breastfeeding on the body, fluctuations in hormonal levels, and significant changes in weight over time. It’s essential to recognize that these multifaceted elements can all play a role in producing disparate results.

Reasons of return breast to drooping

The reoccurrence of breast drooping, or ptosis, can be attributed to several factors. Primarily when the skin loses its elasticity often due to natural aging processes it can lead to a sagging appearance in the breasts. Additionally significant weight loss can also contribute to this phenomenon as the skin may struggle to adapt to the reduced volume of the breast tissue resulting in a less firm and uplifted appearance. However, it’s worth noting that to some extent as time passes, a certain degree of skin laxity is a normal part of the aging process which can further contribute to the return of breast drooping.

Are there any other methods or options for Breast lift?

Breast lift tape offers a sneak peek into the transformative effects of breast lift surgery, providing a non-surgical alternative for those curious about achieving a scarless breast lift. This innovative tape not only offers an immediate lift but also showcases the potential enhancement of breast shape and positioning. It works by gently lifting and supporting the breasts, offering a subtle yet noticeable enhancement without the need for surgical intervention. Many individuals find breast lift tape to be an excellent option for special occasions or as a trial before committing to a surgical procedure, allowing them to experience the confidence-boosting benefits of a lifted bust without permanent changes.

Contact and quote request for a breast lift

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