Face lift

Cosmetic surgery face lift: What’s face lift?

The face lift or cervico-facial lift is a highly sought after procedure in cosmetic surgery. The lifting process gives the face a more youthful appearance by improving the aesthetics of the entire face without altering its physiognomy. It is a surgical procedure that aims to lift and reshape the soft tissues of the zygomatic area, giving the face a youthful and healthy appearance.

Face lift

What can be corrected with a face lift?

Excessive exposure to the sun, day-to-day stress, poor nutrition, the effects of gravity, and the years of life may inevitably lead to signs of facial and neck aging which manifest themselves in wrinkles of varying depths around the eyes and between the nose and mouth. We can also notice in some cases sagging cheeks, and the appearance of fatty tissues, mainly around the chin and neck.


A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, eliminates these imperfections by removing wrinkles and excess fat, by repositioning the facial muscles and by stretching the facial skin, the mandibular profile and the neck.

Cheek lift

In the field of facial aesthetics, high and prominent cheeks are essential to give patients a youthful appearance. Normal aging processes progressively reduce the cheek fullness and lead to a gradual thinning and a downward sliding of the tissues. In recent years, many surgical procedures have been developed to remedy these imperfections.

Forehead and brow lift surgery

The brow lifting is indicated to lift and reposition the forehead/temporal and periocular area that has sagged with aging or to correct this area that may be congenitally disharmonious. These interventions can be performed individually or can more commonly be combined in a regular surgical procedure. The modification of this anatomical area is a very delicate procedure and one that requires particular care from the surgeon.

How much does  face lift  cost?

The average cost of a facelift in Tunisia is 2900 €. Face lift price includes all expenses (plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, operating room, hospitalization, nursing staff, dressings and post-operative check-ups). Opting for Tunisia for your facelift means saving on the cost of your intervention while benefiting from the highest standards of hygiene, quality and professionalism.

Face lifting treatment: how to do a face lift?

In general, a facelift consists of tightening the skin and tightening the tissue and muscles. Fat in the face and neck can be contoured, removed or repositioned. The facial skin is then adapted to the repositioned facial contours. Excess skin is removed and the wound is closed with stitches or tape.

Can other procedures be combined with a facelift?

This procedure can be performed on its own or in combination with other surgical techniques such as lipofilling, lower blepharoplasty, facial peeling, rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic surgery intervention.

What are the benefits of getting a face lift surgery?

Face Lift surgery offers more than just a physical transformation; it can bring about a significant boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a younger, revitalized version of yourself staring back. This procedure not only helps you look younger but also imparts a fresh, rejuvenated feeling that can positively impact various aspects of your life. Say goodbye to concealing your neckline and embrace the freedom to wear lower necklines confidently. Applying makeup becomes a breeze, reflecting the newfound smoothness and vibrancy of your skin.

What are the risks and complications that can be associated with a facelift procedure?

A thorough examination by a specialist

Facelift surgery is a highly personal procedure and as such it requires a thorough examination by a specialist. During the first visit, the surgeon should determine the quality of your skin, muscles, and facial bone structure as well as explain the goals and aesthetic results that can be achieved. Likewise, your surgeon will check your health to rule out any changes (such as high blood pressure, clotting problems, or scarring) that could affect the final result of the facelift procedure.

Facelift surgery in appropriate medical conditions

Facelift surgery is a relatively demanding surgical procedure. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon skilled in facial rejuvenation, and in licensed clinics, the results are usually very good. However, this is a serious surgery where complications (bleeding, infection) are rare, but may occur. These inconveniences can be easily addressed only if the procedure is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon and in a properly accredited medical center.

Surgeon advice and instructions before and after the face lift procedure

In order to reduce the risk of complications, it is however very important to follow the advice and instructions that the surgeon will give you before and after the face lift procedure. Smokers should reduce their cigarette consumption, as smoking can increase the risk of complications and can delay healing.

Facelift: how long does it last?

The facelift procedure only lasts a few hours and is not painful. Occasionally, there may be some local discomfort and altered skin sensitivity that will disappear within a few weeks.

Are the facelift scars visible?

During a facelift procedure, the incisions are not very visible because they remain hidden in the hairline and in the front and back areas of the ears. An incision under the chin may rarely be necessary to improve the appearance of the neck.Sometimes a facelift can be combined with a liposuction procedure of the neck and under the chin in order to improve the profile and the appearance of the entire face. The most common surgical technique used in a facelift is to make two incisions: one inside the mouth (in the lower part of the cheek) and another in the hair behind the temple, so that the incisions are not visible. Only in certain cases, it may also be necessary to make an incision in the lower eyelids to obtain an additional lift of the tissues.

What are the postoperative and face lift results?

The first 48 hours

For the first 48 hours following the facelift procedure, you will need to rest with your head slightly elevated and you will need to perform daily wound cleansing. Swelling and bruising around the treated area may occur during these first two days. There may be rare hematoma, infection, keloid scarring as well as temporary or permanent facial nerve damage.

The third day

From the third day on, you can resume a normal life, yet, you should avoid heavy activities, saunas, baths and sun exposure.

Resume all your normal activities

At first, the face will appear more swollen than the final result, but over the next two to three weeks, the swelling and edema will gradually disappear. By the third week, you can progressively resume all your normal activities, including sports.

Life of facelift procedure

The result of a facelift procedure is usually very satisfactory and long-lasting but it is not permanent, since it will always be affected by your lifestyle (weight gain and loss, smoking, etc.) in addition to the inevitable effects of aging.

What is a non-invasive face lift?

face lift without surgery:

Acupuncture face lift

Acupuncture facelift is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that is often referred to as a holistic alternative to Botox injections. During the acupuncture facelift, the patient receives small needles in different areas of the face.

Filler face lift

Filler face lift is the base of a non-surgical facelift. These gentle injectable gels instantly restore volume to cheeks, temples, lips and under eyes. Hollow areas are filled and dark shadows are eliminated, creating a rejuvenated appearance. Applied along nasolabial folds or marionette lines, fillers can create defined, smooth tissue for a wrinkle-free appearance. fillers can be made from a variety of products, including moisture-rich hyaluronic acid (HA). Their firming and smoothing properties can last from 6 months to more than a year.


Botox is an essential piece of the non-surgical facelift puzzle, providing unparalleled wrinkle reduction. Botox is commonly used to smooth wrinkles on the forehead, eyebrows and crow’s feet, but is effective for all dynamic wrinkles. Botox temporarily relaxes the target muscle and softens wrinkles associated with recurring facial expressions. Although Botox does not immediately relieve wrinkles, patients see results within one to two weeks. The benefits of Botox can last up to three months.

Facial lipofilling

Facial lipofilling is a semi-invasive procedure in which fat tissue, harvested by liposuction, is used from different area of the body area of the body. These fat cells are cleaned and treated and then reinjected into the face to increase facial volume. The living fat cells integrate with the existing tissue, providing youthful contours that are preserved for years.

Thread face lift

A thread lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure to tighten the facial skin. During a facelift, the cosmetic surgeon uses threads to tighten areas of skin and reduce the appearance of ageing. Some people choose to have cosmetic surgery to tighten sagging skin for aesthetic reasons. A thread lift is a cosmetic procedure to tighten sagging facial skin.

Thread lift results typically last between nine and twelve months, depending on how well the body can process and break down the absorbable PDO threads. In some patients, results last longer than a year, but this is less common.

Needleless treatments

Several elements of a non-surgical facelift help achieve a glowing complexion while eliminating the needle altogether. Modern chemical peels are a reliable, noninvasive technique that shrinks enlarged pores and improves overall skin quality. Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion sculpt and exfoliate the skin, removing dry and damaged tissue. Fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are reduced and the skin looks fresher. Laser and ultrasound treatments, such as Ultherapy and ThermiTight, use concentrated energy to target the deepest, most fundamental layers of the skin. In the months that follow, the tissue becomes firmer and more compact.

Mini face lift

The Minilift procedure aims to correct the signs of age and gravity and improve the appearance of the lower face and jowls with minimal risk and downtime. The goal is a fresher, more youthful appearance without altering the appearance: a natural rejuvenation! Patients who do not have excess skin due to laxity usually do not require a mini-facelift. Which procedure is best for your goals will be determined during your consultation.

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