Hyaluronic Acid Injection

What is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a disaccharide which is present in all human connective tissue, including the skin. This molecule is essential for the formation of collagen and the matrix of elastic fibers and for the maintenance of skin hydration. Alterations in the hyaluronic acid present in the skin contribute, over time, to skin aging.

Does hyaluronic acid exist naturally?

Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in all living organisms and is a universal component of the spaces between body tissues (extracellular space). It is a molecule that has an identical chemical structure, whether it is found in bacteria, animals or in humans. Since it is chemically identical in all species and tissue types, hyaluronic acid is completely biocompatible.

hyaluronic acid injection

Which conditions do hyaluronic acid injections treat?

Hyaluronic acid infiltrations are a versatile cosmetic procedure used to address a range of aesthetic concerns. They are commonly employed to enhance lips, adding fullness and definition while also addressing issues like turgidity and vermilion edge. Additionally, these injections can effectively reduce the appearance of folds such as nasolabial folds, reshape facial contours including cheeks and chins, and smooth out wrinkles like those on the glabella and buccal areas. They are also valuable for treating periocular wrinkles, post-acne scars, and post-traumatic scars, as well as correcting soft tissue imperfections. Moreover, hyaluronic acid infiltrations can be utilized for breast and body contouring, providing a comprehensive solution for various cosmetic needs.

How much does Hyaluronic acid injection cost?

Our partners in aesthetic medicine use the best products for hyaluronic acid injections for face. The hyaluronic acid injection sessions are charged per unit of syringes. The unit costs 250 euro. For a facial treatment with several areas to be tackled, you may request a quote.

What are the fillers and how do they act on wrinkles?

Fillers are injected into wrinkles to correct subcutaneous tissue deficiencies. They can be absorbable, semi-permanent or permanent products. Absorbable fillers have the advantage of being easily tolerated by the body but provide a temporary increase in volume (4 to 12 months).

How long do hyaluronic acid treatments last?

Hyaluronic acid is an absorbable product that can last between 2 months and 1 or 2 years. The main products on the market can be classified according to the different resorption times in the following categories: Fast resorption fillers 2-3 months; medium resorption fillers 5-6 months; slow resorption fillers 1-2 years.

Are there any contraindications for hyaluronic acid facial injections?

Although serious side effects from hyaluronic acid injections for face are uncommon, it is strongly discouraged to administer the filler during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition, injectable hyaluronic acid filler is not indicated in the presence of skin diseases, ongoing herpes infection, autoimmune skin diseases and collagen diseases.

What are the side effects associated with hyaluronic acid?

Over the years, hyaluronic acid injections face has become the leader among all dermal fillers. In fact, the anti-aging effect promoted by injections of this substance is amazing: it plumps, softens, moisturizes and – most importantly – rejuvenates skin aged by stress, smoke, UV rays and age. Despite these positive aspects, hyaluronic acid filler is not devoid of side effects.

How does the skin react after the injection?

Immediately after the injectable hyaluronic acid, the skin tends to react, resulting in hematomas, bruises, edema, numbness and bruising which, although quite fleeting and generally benign, can cause significant aesthetic discomfort.

Circumstances rare cases of serious post-injection

Under certain circumstances, rare cases of serious post-injection trauma have been reported. These cases encompass a range of symptoms, including persistent redness, intermittent edema, the formation of nodules, itching, and even abscess formation. While these occurrences are infrequent, it is essential for healthcare providers and patients to be aware of these potential complications and to seek prompt medical attention if any such symptoms arise following an injection. Timely intervention can help mitigate the impact of these rare adverse events and ensure proper care and treatment for affected individuals.

What are the results of using hyaluronic acid?

Results very impressive and good level of satisfaction

The results obtained with hyaluronic acid injections in face are very impressive and always generate a good level of satisfaction among patients. These fillers provide a totally natural rejuvenating and reconstructive effect that does not give artificiality to the area of the face or body in which they have been hyaluronic acid injected (soft-lifting effect). In addition, the results are visible immediately, which increases patient satisfaction even more.

When wrinkles appear?

However, despite being almost immediate, the aesthetic skin rejuvenation effects of hyaluronic acid fillers are not permanent; to the extent that after a relatively short period of time (ranging from 4 months to 2 years, depending on the type of filler used), wrinkles begin to reappear, and the lips (cheekbones or other parts of the face and body treated) gradually lose their volume. The reason for this phenomenon is that the body is able to metabolize the hyaluronic acid injected (hence the name « resorbable filler »).

Repeat the hyaluronic acid injections

The progressive reabsorption of the filler by the skin makes it necessary to repeat the hyaluronic acid injections face periodically after the effect has disappeared.

The effects and results depends on several factors

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the outcomes of hyaluronic acid injections for the face can vary from person to person, despite their potential benefits. Several factors influence the results, including the individual’s skin type, the concentration of hyaluronic acid used, the specific type of filler chosen, and the area targeted for treatment. These variables underscore the importance of consulting with a qualified professional to tailor the treatment plan to your unique needs and expectations.

Factors influence duration desired effect of hyaluronic acid injections

The duration of the desired effect of hyaluronic acid injections for face is strongly influenced by factors such as stress, smoking, diet, lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle and exposure to natural/artificial UV rays.

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