Facial lipofilling

Facial lipofilling is a procedure that involves a fat graft to fill a defect in the subcutaneous part of the face or to increase the volume of modest areas of the face (e.g. a hollow face), but also in other parts of the body.

facial lipofilling

What are the defects that can be corrected with lipofilling facial?


Aging leads to a natural alteration of the face and neck tissues due to the dislocation and the thinning of the muscle mass, the atrophy of the fatty tissue and the reduction of the skin’s elasticity.

The consequences of changes facial

These changes have many consequences such as the appearance of more or less obvious wrinkles in the periocular area with associated hollow eyelids, the deepening of the nasal folds, depressions in the cheek area, and a decrease in the definition of the facial contours.


Opting for lipofilling allows the reduction of these imperfections by filling in the furrows and wrinkles, by correcting them and by reshaping their volumes.

Is there an age limit for this procedure?

This procedure has no age restrictions and is beneficial for both young and older patients. For younger individuals, it involves surgical enhancement to add volume in specific facial regions, such as the lips and zygomatic area, for a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Starting at the age of 40, the goal is to regain the fullness of the facial volumes and to rejuvenate the skin thanks to the richness of stem cells in the fatty tissue.

The costs of a facial lipofilling

The average price of a facial lipofilling  is 2100€ and this price covers all expenses (plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, operating room, hospitalization, nursing staff, dressings and post-operative check-ups). If lipofiling facial involves extensive liposuction , the cost may increase. Nonetheless, the fees for facial lipofilling in Tunisia are still much more competitive than those in European and American countries.

Opting for Tunisia for your lipofilling, means saving on your intervention while enjoying the highest standards of hygiene, quality and professionalism.

How does the preoperative visit take place?

A careful clinical examination of the patient’s face during the preoperative examination allows the plastic surgeon to identify the areas to be treated, their extent, the quantity of fatty tissue to be infiltrated and the areas to be removed. During the visit, the patient’s lifestyle and any pathological conditions will be evaluated.

The scheduling of the procedure is completed by the development of a precise preoperative plan of the concerned areas. Prior to the procedure, the patient will receive specific instructions on pre- and postoperative nutrition, medications, alcohol and cigarettes.

Will the scars be visible?

The scarring results are almost invisible in clinical practice, because the harvesting sites, where the incisions of a few millimeters are made to introduce the fat suction cannula, are performed in well hidden areas. In the receiving sites, there are no healing results because the lipofiling facial is performed through microcannulas with absolutely no incisions.

How long does the facial lipofilling surgery last?

A facial lipofilling surgery generally lasts between thirty minutes and one hour, depending on the extent and number of areas to be treated. The surgery is not painful. The surgical procedure ends with an elastic compression bandage over the donor sites to reduce any bruising or swelling in the immediate post-operative period.

How is the post-operative procedure performed?

After undergoing surgery, a compression sleeve is applied to the donor sites to minimize any bruising or swelling. This is typically worn for three weeks following the procedure. While recovering, there may be some discomfort in the treated areas, but this can be effectively relieved with common painkillers.

The return to regular activities is gradual, taking a few weeks. The result, which will be appreciated from the first three weeks, will be definitively achieved about six months following the procedure.

What are the most likely results?

The result of a facial lipofilling surgery procedure is generally very satisfactory, long-lasting and, after a partial reabsorption that varies from one individual to another, permanent. Partial reabsorption is the only limitation of this procedure, which remains the only valid one for certain areas of the face such as hollow cheeks where alternative solutions are practically absent. lipofiling facial g, i.e. autologous fat grafting, is a surgical technique that gives permanent results.

Are there any side effects to facial lipofilling?

Lipofilling does not cause any significant consequence. Sometimes, if the procedure is not performed properly, you may experience excessive resorption or small subcutaneous nodules, called granulomas. Yet, the most significant problem that can occur with facial lipofilling surgery is swelling, which may last longer than expected.

What is the advantage of lipofilling facial over traditional fillers?


First of all, the fact that the fat comes from the same person to whom it is re-injected manages to significantly reduce the body’s intolerance problems to new substances.


Secondly, and as far as the quantity is concerned, the surgeon normally injects 1 or 2 ml of purified hyaluronic acid when performing a facial treatment. However, with facial lipofilling surgery procedure, he can double this dose and thus obtain a more desirable result.

Lipofilling alternative

Lipofilling is a light alternative to the surgical approach of facelift. This treatment gives an immediate and natural result. It does not involve a difficult post-operative period.

Cost of facial lipofilling compared to cost of traditional filling

It is obvious that the cost of facial lipofilling is different from that of a traditional filling, because this treatment is carried out in the operating room, in total sterility. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia because the fat collection area as well as the injection area must be properly anesthetized.

How does the treatment proceed?

The facial lipofilling treatment is done with cannulas and the marks on the implant area are non-existent: they are microscopic holes that allow to enter a micro-cannula through which, with a radial movement, the aesthetic surgeon places the fat and then fills in the cheekbone area, or tries to modify that unpleasant wrinkle that, at the corner of the lip, goes towards the chin. The improvement effect of facial lipofilling is permanent and is immediately appreciated by the patient when the treatment is over.

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