Breast Lipofilling

What is lipofilling?

Lipofilling is the process by which body fat extracted from the patient is used, so that once treated, it can be used to provide volume to different body areas. Depending on the volume effect we want to give, we will have to perform a greater or lesser extraction of fat.

breast lipofilling

What are the benefits of breast lipofilling?

In breast augmentation procedures, we can use autologous fat grafting to give volume or correct irregularities, this is called breast lipofilling. A minimally invasive surgical procedure, in which fat is obtained, processed and injected into the breast. It facilitates the rapid regeneration of the blood vessels that feed the tissue, helping to maintain a higher percentage of the volume of the fat graft in the treated area (breasts, buttocks or any other area (less percentage of the fat graft is reabsorbed, so the results are almost 60% better than with the usual techniques of lipofilling or traditional breast augmentation with fat).

Which patients benefit the most from this procedure?

This transformative procedure is most beneficial for women aspiring to enhance the volume of their upper breast region, particularly when aiming for a subtle to moderate augmentation. The prime candidates for maximum benefits are individuals endowed with ample adipose reserves in other regions of their body.It is worth noting that individuals on the slimmer side may find this procedure less suitable, as their limited body fat may pose challenges in sourcing an adequate amount of injectable fat.

Can breast lipofilling firm and fill a hollowed décolletage?

Breast lipofilling serves as an effective remedy for a depleted or less firm décolletage. It’s essential to approach this option with realistic expectations, recognizing that the results may not be as bold as those achieved with traditional breast implants. Rather than aiming for dramatic changes, the procedure imparts a nuanced enhancement, imparting a natural fullness and firmness to the décolletage. This approach ensures a graceful transformation, seamlessly integrating with the body’s contours for an elegant and authentic outcome.

How much does lipofilling breast cost?

The breast augmentation lipofilling price depends on the number of harvesting areas to be used. The number of such areas varies depending on the amount of fat to be grafted. lipofilling breast price includes not only the breast lipofilling procedure but also the cost of renting an operating room, the medical and paramedical team at the patient’s complete disposal, postoperative dressings and checkups, and whatever else is necessary in the postoperative period.

How is the breast lipofilling performed?

The intricate process of breast lipofilling involves a meticulous series of steps to ensure both the safety and efficacy of the procedure. Initially, the harvested fat undergoes a sophisticated processing and purification technique. This meticulous method aims to eliminate any cellular detritus, including blood cells, connective tissue, and free fat, thereby refining the extracted material. The end result is a concentrated tissue rich in adipocytes, or fat cells. When skillfully injected into the targeted area, these purified adipocytes contribute to volumizing the breast region, creating a harmonious enhancement.

What are the benefits of using the patient’s own cells?

The utilization of the patient’s own cells in breast augmentation lipofilling represents a paradigm shift in cosmetic procedures, bringing forth a host of compelling advantages. By opting for the patient’s own cells, the procedure eliminates the risk of rejection. This pivotal aspect not only bolsters the safety profile of the intervention but also lays the groundwork for a more enduring outcome. The transferred fat, rich in the patient’s own adipocytes, becomes an intrinsic part of the body, ensuring a seamless and natural integration into the breast tissues.

How is the postoperative course going?

How long the patient stay in the hospital?

The post-surgery duration of hospital stay for the patient is typically one night. This brief yet crucial period allows for immediate post-operative monitoring and ensures that any initial concerns or discomfort can be promptly addressed by the medical staff. Following this overnight stay, a comprehensive revision is conducted to assess the patient’s condition thoroughly. If the results prove satisfactory, indicating a smooth recovery and stable health status, the patient is then cleared for discharge. This approach not only prioritizes the patient’s well-being during the immediate recovery phase but also emphasizes the importance of thorough evaluation before transitioning to the next stage of recuperation at home.

How do you feel after the surgery?

It is normal to feel discomfort and a sensation of tension in the breasts in the days following the operation, but this will subside with analgesic medication. Partial loss of sensation is another frequent symptom, although it will gradually recover. Occasionally, there is vomiting or a feeling of nausea in the first hours after general anesthesia.

How do you feel when the bra is removed?

The sensation upon removing the bra post-surgery is characterized by a noticeable firmness and swelling in the breasts. This initial experience is a natural part of the healing process. As time progresses in the days following the procedure, there is a gradual subsiding of the hardness and swelling. This evolution is integral to the body’s healing mechanisms, and it signifies the transition toward achieving a more natural and settled appearance. It’s important for individuals undergoing this process to understand that the initial firmness is temporary. This evolving sensation is part of the anticipated progression towards the final, aesthetically pleasing outcome of the breast procedure.

When can you return to work and resume sports activities?

Determining the optimal time for your return to work and the resumption of sports activities is crucial for a smooth post-surgery recovery. Typically, under standard conditions, individuals can comfortably transition back to sedentary work within a conservative timeframe of 3 to 5 days following the surgical procedure. This allows for a gradual reintegration into professional responsibilities without compromising the healing process. When it comes to more rigorous physical pursuits and intense sports activities, a prudent approach involves waiting for approximately six weeks before resuming such endeavors. This extended recovery period provides the body with ample time to heal, strengthen, and regain its full range of motion, minimizing the risk of complications and ensuring a more sustainable return to peak performance. It’s important to note, however, that these timelines may be subject to adjustment based on individual variations in healing rates and the specific nature of the surgery undergone. Therefore, consulting closely with your healthcare provider will enable personalized guidance tailored to your unique circumstances, optimizing your journey back to both work and an active lifestyle.

What are the recommendations during the postoperative period?

During the postoperative period following breast lipofilling, it is crucial to adhere to specific recommendations for optimal recovery. Maintaining cleanliness and dryness in the operated area is of paramount importance. Continuous use of a supportive bra, and when necessary a breast band.Resuming regular activities is generally permissible within 24-48 hours post-surgery, but it is essential to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption to promote a healthier recovery.

Furthermore, patients are advised against massaging the treated area until explicitly instructed to do so by their healthcare provider. It is recommended to refrain from exerting oneself or engaging in weightlifting for at least 15 days to prevent strain on the healing tissues. Additionally, the use of rigid underwire bras should be avoided during this period to ensure comfort and facilitate the natural healing process. Adhering to these postoperative guidelines will contribute to a smoother recovery and enhance the overall success of the breast lipofilling procedure.

What procedure can be associated with breast lipofilling?

Lipofilling of breast can be performed alone, or can be associated with other cosmetic plastic surgery (blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, facial lipofilling, etc.) or reconstructive surgery as lipofilling breast reconstruction with implants or lipofilling after lipofilling breast reconstruction .

What are the side effects of breast lipofilling?

Breast lipofilling, a cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing breast appearance, is not without its potential side effects. Among the risks associated with this intervention are hemorrhage and hematoma, which involve the excessive bleeding or collection of blood outside blood vessels. Another serious concern is the potential death (necrosis) of fat cells or their migration from the breast to other areas of the body, posing risks to overall health.

Furthermore, the procedure carries a risk of infection, which could lead to complications and undermine the desired aesthetic outcomes. Additionally, there is a possibility of developing non-cancerous (benign) breast cysts or breast calcification, further emphasizing the importance of considering the potential consequences of breast lipofilling. Patients contemplating this cosmetic surgery should be well-informed about these side effects and engage in thorough discussions with their healthcare providers to make informed decisions about the procedure.

Does Lipofilling Pose Cancer Risks in Breast Reconstruction?

Women who underwent lipofilling after reconstruction were no more likely to have a recurrence or a new cancer diagnosis than women who had never undergone lipofilling. Lipofilling allows for breast augmentation (breast liposculpture), breast reconstruction after cancer.

What are the results of breast lipofilling?

Breast lipofilling, a procedure celebrated for its natural and subtle outcomes. The results are often softer and more lifelike compared to traditional breast augmentation methods using implants. The procedure not only offers a personalized and natural aesthetic but also minimizes the risk of complications associated with foreign materials, given that the injected substance is the patient’s own fat. While the longevity of results can vary, and some individuals may require multiple sessions to achieve their desired outcome, many appreciate the harmonious and authentic appearance that breast lipofilling provides, contributing to its popularity in the realm of cosmetic procedures.

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