Why choose to take care of yourself in Tunisia?

Tunisia medical travel

Tunisia Medical Travel enjoys the trust of various contractors (ministerial departments, health insurance funds, large companies, insurers and individuals) and a leader status and a strong reputation in the countries where it is present.

Advantage offers by Tunisia Medical Travel

Rich in its expertise in the field of medical services, Tunisia Medical Travel offers you various advantages that you cannot obtain by contacting practitioners or healthcare structures:

  • A selection of the best health professionals in Tunisia
  • Negotiating the prices of medical services giving you excellent value for money,
  • Obtaining preferential appointments for visits and medical checks,
  • Eliminate the risk of error and trial and error and therefore significantly reduce the risk of worsening the disease.
  • With Tunisia Medical Travel, your interest comes first!

How can I come and take care of myself in Tunisia?

An estimate

An estimate including medical and accommodation parts is drawn up.


On this basis, evacuation becomes possible to obtain the visa and stay in Tunisia.

Passport and medical visa

You must have a valid passport and apply for a medical visa at the Tunisian embassy in your country of origin.

Tunisia Medical Travel

If necessary, Tunisia Medical Travel assists you in putting together your file and in obtaining Visa formalities.

Can I come with accompanying persons during my treatment stay?

Yes! Tunisia Medical Travel offers you the possibility to welcome you with your companions throughout your treatment stay.

In order to take the necessary measures to welcome your companions in the best conditions, you must inform us in advance of the date of their arrival.

How long do I have to wait for a quote?

Tunisia medical Travel undertakes to respond to you within 48 hours of your request for a quote. Is the amount shown on my quote an estimate or a final one?

The amount can be estimated or final depending on your state of health and the results of medical examinations carried out during your medical stay in Tunisia.

When do I have to pay my medical expenses during my stay?

Once the quote has been accepted, we advise you to proceed with the payment so that our teams can begin to organize your medical stay.

Does my medical follow-up stop when I return home?

For Tunisia Medical travel, every patient is important and their health is precious. Thus, tracking your health does not stop at your country of residence. Indeed, we make sure to stay in contact with our patients to monitor the evolution of their state of health and prepare for their possible check-up if necessary.

About us

Tunisia Medical Travel TMT specializes in arranging medical value trips to Tunisia. We provide comprehensive support to our international patients throughout their entire journey, guiding them to the most suitable specialists and facilities based on their specific medical conditions.

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