Mother and child

The medical specialties for mother and child are often presented under the same department given the biological but also psychological relationship between them. Below are the most popular specialties offered by Tunisia Medical Travel.

Mother and child

Fertility treatment and IVF

The decision to embark on fertility treatment, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), can be a nuanced and emotionally charged journey. For many couples, the anticipation and eagerness to build a family intertwine with challenges and moments of vulnerability. Fertility treatments provide a glimmer of hope for those grappling with difficulties in conceiving naturally. IVF, in particular, stands as a fascinating technological advancement, where science and medicine converge to offer an opportunity for couples to realize their dream of parenthood. Consultations, injections, and intense emotions become integral parts of this path, each step marked by a blend of anticipation and resilience. Through the ups and downs, the journey encapsulates the profound human experience of seeking new beginnings and embracing the possibilities that modern medicine can provide.


Gynaecology extends far beyond routine medical check-ups. It’s a realm of women’s health that embraces delicacy and understanding, acknowledging the unique complexity of the female body. Gynaecological professionals are not just doctors; they are confidants and guides, offering essential support throughout various stages of a woman’s life. From annual exams to discussions about family planning, gynaecology celebrates the diversity of women’s experiences. Consultations go beyond physical symptoms, encompassing an understanding of individual emotions and concerns. It’s a field of healthcare that melds medical expertise with compassion, aiming to empower women by caring for their physical and emotional well-being in a holistic and personalized manner.


Pediatrics, the heart of healthcare for our littlest ones, is a field that dances between medical expertise and the tender touch needed in caring for children. Beyond just diagnosing and treating illnesses, pediatricians become partners in the journey of childhood, offering a comforting presence for both parents and their precious ones. From the joyous milestones to the occasional bumps and bruises, pediatric care encapsulates the holistic well-being of our youngest generation. It’s a profession that requires not just medical knowledge, but a deep understanding of the unique needs and nuances of every child. In the world of pediatrics, compassion meets science, creating a space where health is not just about treating ailments but fostering the resilience and laughter that define the essence of childhood. Tunisia Medical Travel is able to offer you the right specialist to treat your child’s illness under the best conditions.

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