Facial features present numerous differences for traits are the product of an individual’s bone and muscle structure. Therefore, every person has uniquely distinguishing facial features.

Facial asymmetry reinforces authenticity between individuals, and is therefore natural and normal. However, conspicuous facial dissymmetry can unbalance the face and render it somewhat unaesthetic.

What are the causes of facial asymmetry and how to correct it?


A perfectly asymmetrical face does not exist. Indeed, when fixating on someone’s traits, we can conclude that each face has its own little imperfections. The latter renders facial features in every person uniquely distinguishing and natural. For people whose facial asymmetry is important, treatment is unnecessary. The latter asymmetry rather reinforces the beauty of those traits. It can be seen in numerous movie stars like Jim Carry and Brad Pitt, whose facial asymmetry adds to their beauty and uniqueness.


For the majority of patients, facial asymmetry is genetically caused. In other cases, it happens due to an incident (car accident, head injury, etc.).

Two major elements influence facial asymmetry

Bone structure

It can be the product of genetics, the cause of an accident, or it can be naturally asymmetrical.

Muscular tissue

Facial asymmetry can happen after several incidents, notably a cerebrovascular accident, which may negatively alter facial structure.

When asymmetry can aggravate?

It is important to note that asymmetry can aggravate with age. Indeed, as the skin starts to lose its elasticity with age, the person may suffer from soft tissue atrophy.

When minor imperfections become more visible?

Some people have minor imperfections, but as they go into adulthood, they become more visible; therefore, rendering the face somewhat unaesthetic.


If the patient suffers from conspicuous facial asymmetry, cosmetic surgery can be considered to restore balance and harmony in the face.

Procedures adopted in cosmetic surgery

Different procedures in cosmetic surgery can be adopted to correct asymmetry; all depend on the patient’s medical case and imperfections to treat. For example, facelift, rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose), blepharoplasty (surgery of the eyelids), genioplasty (surgery of the chin), etc.

Facial lipofilling

For other patients, facial lipofilling can do the trick. This procedure consists in injecting fat taken from the patient’s body in certain parts of the face, thus modifying the structure of facial tissues.

Slight facial asymmetry

If the patient suffers from slight facial asymmetry and wishes to have perfectly symmetrical features, the surgeon will try to dissuade the patient because correcting small imperfections may engender a loss of uniqueness and authenticity.

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